U of Dayton Virtual Learning

Both the Diocese of Helena and the Diocese of Great Falls-Billings have partnerships with the University of Dayton’s Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation, allowing any teacher in Montana Catholic Schools to take a 5-week online class for one credit.  Since the University of Dayton is an accredited university, this credit will satisfy requirements for renewing your teacher license.  Classes and seminars can also be taken for renewal units.

The Superintendent’s Office is asking all Montana Catholic Schools to require Catechetical Certification for all religion teachers.  Schools are asked to develop their own requirements (how long teachers have to obtain their certification, how much they will be reimbursed for books, registration fees, and tuition–and whether teachers will be rewarded for obtaining their certificate(s)).  For now, the policy will begin in 2016-17 and will read “All teachers of religion are required to be working toward Catechetical Certification Level One.”

These classes are open to all teachers, however, as well as the 3-week seminars (which will only provide Renewal Units, not credits).  It’s important to note that fees must be paid BEFORE you begin the class.

This is the home page.

Start here to register for the first time.  There is a first-time registration fee of $20.

This is the course catalog.

These are the required courses for Catechetical Certification, Level One: