Consecrated Persons & Their Mission in Schools: January 8, 2018

Consecrated Persons & Their Mission in Schools: January 8, 2018

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Sacred Congregation for Education, 2002

Link to the document “Consecrated Persons & Their Mission in Schools”

Jack Peterson, the founder of Managing for Mission and a former president of Bellarmine Preparatory School in Tacoma, joins the podcast to discuss the impact of consecrated persons in our schools and the Vatican’s teachings on vocation.



Consecrated Persons and Their Mission in Schools (Vatican, 2002)

  • Reading Questions:
    • 6: Why have many religious communities abandoned their work in schools?
    • 6: What is meant by rediscovering charism?
    • 10: Explain the value of community life and how consecrated persons demonstrate?
    • 17: Do the Bishops favor one type of vocation over another?
    • 19: How does a school form students?
    • 20: What is the value of the witness provided by consecrated persons?
    • 26: How does the presence of consecrated religious counteract materialism?
    • 30: What is the link between Catholic schools and evangelization?
    • 35: Explain the two parts of human development relevant to education and formation.
    • 51: How do the Bishops describe Catholic identity?
    • 55: How do they describe a vocation?
    • 56: What is a culture of vocations?
    • 59: What is the role of consecrated persons promoting teacher formation?
    • 62: How should consecrated persons “accompany” the laity?
    • 78: What is the “main road to peace”?
  • Discussion Questions:
    • 6: What is the charism of your founding religious community?
    • 19: How does formation and “deformation” impact our students’ development?
    • 43: Our Catholic schools are not designed to be fortresses apart from society, rather “oases” or “microcosms” of community.  Does this paradigm fit your school community?
    • Do we have a “preferential option for the poor” in our schools?  In how we choose our students?  In how we assign our teachers?
  • Reflection Questions:
    • Many times religious communities are credited with simply providing free labor.  How do the Bishops describe their value to our schools?
    • Does your school serve the poor?  Is there an impulse for evangelization?
    • Does your school promote a culture of vocations?  How?
    • List 3-4 quotes that you could pull out from this document to use in your own communication.

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