The Catholic School: November 27, 2017

The Catholic School: November 27, 2017

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The Sacred Congregation for Education (Vatican), 1977

Link to the document The Catholic School

Sr. Elizabeth Anne Allen, OP, Director of the Center for Catholic Education at Aquinas College in Nashville, uses the Church documents as the heart of professional development sessions for Catholic educators  and for formation of teacher candidates


The Catholic School (Vatican, 1977)

  1. Reading Questions:
    1. What is meant by “salvific mission”? (Paragraph 5)
    2. What is the role/purpose of evangelization? (7 & 8)
    3. How does the church interact with culture? (10)
    4. What is meant by “strong character formation”? (12)
    5. What are the main objections about Catholic schools? (17-23)
    6. What is the general purpose of a school? (26)
    7. How should a school espouse a common vision? (29)
    8. How are the values of a community expressed? (32)
    9. What are the norms of life in a Catholic school? (34)  Which ones are the most important, in your opinion?
    10. Is there value in secular subjects? (40)
    11. What is the most critical factor in a Catholic school? In other words, what sets it apart? (43)
    12. What has made the Christian formation of students so vital in this day and age? (45)
    13. What is the desired outcome of religious instruction? (49)
    14. Where do you find the purpose of Catholic schools? (55)
    15. What is wrong with admitting a majority of full-paying/wealthier students? (58)
    16. What do Catholic schools need to develop among its constituents? (66)
    17. Explain what the authors mean by collaboration, subsidiarity, and solidarity? (70-71)
    18. What is the role of the laity? (79) 
  2. Reflection Questions
    1. Have you seen any of the cited objections to Catholic schools at work in your school environment?
    2. How do you balance the need for full-paying students with your school’s purpose?
    3. List 3-4 quotes that you could pull out from this document to use in your own communication.

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