To Teach As Jesus Did: November 13, 2017

To Teach As Jesus Did: November 13, 2017

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1972 Pastoral Message on Catholic Education from the National Conference of Catholic Bishops (the precursor to the USCCB)


Link to a scanned copy of the document, courtesy of ACE Press and At the Heart of the Church: Selected Documents of Catholic Education.  I highly recommend you order the book here.


To order a copy directly from the USCCB, here is the link


Dr. Tom Burnford, the President/CEO of the National Catholic Education Association, explores the impact of this document from the US Bishops.


To Teach As Jesus Did (US Bishops, 1972)

  1. Reading Questions
    1. What is the “perennial” task for the Church? (6)
    2. What is the measure of success of education? (8)
    3. What is the threefold purpose of Catholic schools? (14)
    4. Is effective teaching of religion an imparting of knowledge? (18)  How do you teach church doctrine? (84)
    5. How does the emphasis on community mark a departure from the “institutional” paradigm? (21-26)
    6. How does the emphasis on service change the “fortress” mentality? (29)
    7. What changes to the parish school are recommended? (94)
    8. Why are Catholic schools the “best opportunity” to fulfill the Church’s purpose? (101)
    9. How are effective teachers described? (104)
    10. What is the solution to teaching racial tolerance? (109)
    11. What are the roots of the shrinking enrollments? (114-115)
    12. What do the Bishops teach about School Choice? (116)
    13. What are their 10 recommendations for action steps? (120) How relevant are their recommendations today?
    14. What kind of attitude should we avoid? (122)
    15. How do the authors view collaboration? (142)
  2. Reflection/Discussion Questions
    1. How well does the threefold purpose of Catholic schools match up to your school’s mission and purpose?
    2. List 3-4 quotes that you could pull out from this document to use in your own communication.

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